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Dental Composite

Dental composite restoration is a tooth colored white filling procedure. It is  performed to treat a tooth with a cavity or fracture.


  1. Dental composite is a tooth colored resin filling so it looks like a natural tooth structure.
  2. It needs minimal  tooth structure removal.
  3. It does not have any mercury.
  4. It has less tendency to  fracture.
  5. It does not stain teeth or gums.


  1. It has Bis-GMA that may be associated with some side effects. According to FDA, there is no strong association of dental composite restorations with any medical conditions.


  1. Removal of cavity.
  2. Application of etchant to area.
  3. Application of bond or glue to area.
  4. Filling the cavity with dental composite.
  5. Curing to complete restoration.
  6. Polishing and adjustments.

Average  life of a resin filling is around 5-7 years. If a patient needs replacement of white filling, it is because of recurrent caries or cavity around old filling.

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