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Bone Graft

                                                                                                                                             What is a bone graft? 

A bone graft is a bone that is prepared to add to a surgical site after the removal of a tooth or during the placement of a dental implant.

Alveolar ridge preservation is a dental procedure in which bone is added to the tooth removal site to maintain and regain as much bone in the extraction area as possible.

The dental implant placement in a site preserved with grafted bone material usually proceeds in 3 to 6 month

Bone graft

                                                                                                  What material is used to do a bone graft procedure?

Autogenous graft :

It is also known as autografts or self-grafts. It is bone derived from the same person at the time of the surgical procedure. The bone can be derived from areas in the mouth or other areas of the body such as leg, hip, etc. 

It is the 

Allogeneic grafts:

It is also known as allografts or homografts. It is a bone taken from a different person. Most commonly it is cadaver bone that is processed to provide sterility and decrease the potential for immune response.

Xenogeneic Grafts:

It is also known as xenografts or heterografts. It is derived from different species such as a cow, ox, etc. It is not commonly used in the dental field.

                                                                                          Why should I get a bone graft after tooth removal?

The main purpose of adding bone to the extraction site is to maintain the jaw bone as much as possible. According to many researchers around 40-60 % bone is lost after removal of a tooth from the jaw. A bone graft can reduce that bone loss to 10-20 %.

A bone graft provides a framework for our blood cells to enter and grow into a  bone.  

                                                                                           What should I be careful after bone graft?

You must follow post-operative instructions given by your dentist.

A patient must not smoke, spit or used a straw to prevent the bone graft from getting infected. The area should be undisturbed for 72 hours in order to let it heal.

The patient might fee that there are some  bone particles in his mouth after the procedure but he should be very careful to not touch the bone graft area with a toothbrush, floss or aggressive mouth rins

                                                                                      Should I get a bone graft even though I do not want a dental implant?

A bone graft helps in reducing initial bone loss after tooth removal. If the patient does not want a dental implant in the extraction areal, still getting a bone graft will help in maintaining jaw bone. A dental bridge, partial denture or a complete denture need adequate bone for a successful outcome.

                                                                                   I can not get a bone graft at a tooth removal visit. Can I get it in 2-3 weeks?

Ideally, a bone graft should be done at the time of tooth removal but it can also be done within 2-3 weeks of tooth removal or at the time of dental implant placement.

If a patient has infected tooth than a bone graft may be delayed for 1-2 weeks to let that area clear of infection.

The main advantage of performing a bone graft procedure at tooth removal visit is the patient is already numb in the areas so the procedure can be done very quickly in 10-20 minutes.

 If the bone graft procedure is delayed then we would have to numb the patient again and induce bleeding in the socket area to add bone graft.

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