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Dental implant

Dental implant treatments

My dentist recommended a dental implant to replace tooth in the backside of my lower jaw. What is a dental implant and how does it replace a tooth?

A dental implant is a prosthesis that is placed in the jaw bone to replace missing tooth or teeth.

I do not like the idea of getting a dental implant. What other options do I have to replace a missing tooth?

If a patient does not want a dental implant. a missing tooth can be replaced by other treatments such as a dental fixed bridge, removable partial denture, Essix retainer or a flipper.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  1. The first advantage of a dental implant is that we do not have to touch any adjacent tooth.  For example, if you want to get a dental fixed bridge we would have to prepare adjacent teeth to make a bridge. On the other hand, a dental implant would not need any work on adjacent teeth. 
  2. The second advantage of a dental implant is that it will not get any dental caries over time. Dental implant material is made of titanium or zirconia. These material do not get any dental decay or rust
  3. The third advantage of a dental implant is that it is fixed so you do not have to take it out in the night or put it back in the morning. For example, If we make a removable partial denture for you then you would have to take it out at night to give rest to your gums. But dental implant is fixed in your mouth.
  4. The fourth advantage of a dental implant is that it has a very good prognosis in most cases. An average dental implant has a more than 90 % success rate.

How do dental implants work? What are the parts?

A dental implant has 3 main parts.

  1.  Dental implant
  2.  Abutment or connector
  3.  Dental crown  or cap


How long does it take to have an implant placed? 

A dental implant placement surgery takes around 30-90 minutes. It is a very quick procedure but every case is different so timing can vary from patient to patient. Complete procedure from placement for a dental implant to the placement of a dental crown can take 6-9 months. In general, a dental implant in the upper jaw needs 5-6 months to completely attach to the bone. On the other hand, an implant in lower jaw needs only 3-4 months.


My lower denture does not fit well. When I eat, It moves a lot. What dental implant options do I have to make it fit better?

The options for replacement of all missing teeth are:-

  1. Complete denture over dental implants (removable)
  2. Complete denture fixed to dental implants (fixed)
  3. Dental bridges fixed to multiple dental implants (fixed)


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