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We, the staff of Smiles By Gentle Dental thank you for choosing us as your dental provider. We consider it a privilege to serve your needs and we look forward to doing so. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and building a successful provider-patient relationship with you and your family. 

We believe your understanding of our patients’ financial responsibility is vital to that provider-patient relationship and our goal is not only to inform you of the provisional aspects of that financial policy but also to keep the lines of communication open regarding them. If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding our fees, policies, or responsibilities please feel free to contact our office at 219-924-7733. 


We believe this level of communication and cooperation will allow us to continue to provide quality service to all our valued patients. 


Please understand that payment for services is an important part of the provider-patient relationship. If you do not have insurance, proof of insurance, or participate in a plan that will not honor an assignment of insurance benefits, payment for services will be due at the time of service unless a payment arrangement has been approved in advance by our staff. We make payment as convenient as possible by accepting (cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa, and in-state checks). A $25.00 service fee will be charged for all returned checks. Additionally, you may authorize us to keep your credit card on file for your convenience knowing that we adhere to the highest level of information security. 



 A 5 % Interest will incur if a balance remains unpaid after 60 days. 



Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. We will, as a courtesy, bill your insurance and help you receive the maximum allowable benefit under your policy. 

We have found that patients who are involved with their claims process are more successful at receiving prompt and accurate payment services from their insurance carrier. We do expect patients to be interactive and responsible for communicating with your insurance carrier on any open claims. 


It is your responsibility to provide all necessary insurance eligibility, identification, authorization, and referral information and to notify our office of any information changes when they occur. Even a pre-authorization of services does not guarantee payment from your insurance carrier. We also require photo identification when accepting insurance information. It is the patient’s responsibility to know if our office is participating or non-participating with their insurance plan. Failure to provide all required information may necessitate patient payment for all charges. When insurance is involved, we are contractually obliged to collect co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles, as outlined by your insurance carrier. 


Please be aware that out-of-network insurance carriers often prohibit the assignment of benefits and may try to limit their financial liability with arbitrary limits, exclusions, or reductions such as reasonable and customary or usual and prevailing reductions. Our fees are well within such ranges and although we will assist in the filing of an appeal if these limitations are imposed, you as the guarantor are responsible for all out-of-network fees. If we are not contracted with your carrier, we will not negotiate reduced fees with your carrier. 


                                                                                         Miscellaneous Forms, Additional        Information, and Authorizations 

We will provide all the necessary information to have your benefits released. However, if it becomes necessary to submit redundant or unnecessary information for the completion of claim forms for school, sports, or extracurricular activities there will be an administrative fee, not to exceed $25.00, for the additional information. 


                                                                                                       Missed Appointments 

We require notice of cancellations 48 hours in advance. This allows us to offer the appointment to another patient. If you fail to keep your appointments without notifying us in advance: a missed appointment fee will apply. These fees are typically $50.00 but not to exceed one-half of the cost of your scheduled appointment. Repeated missed appointments without notification may cause you to be discharged from the practice so that we can provide care to other patients. 


                                                                                                         Medical Records Fees 

Patients are entitled under federal law to have access to their protected health information and we follow all rules, guidelines, and exceptions to ensure compliance with patient rights. However, providers also have the right to compensation for records and our fees are a reasonable cost-based fee for copies including the copying, supplies, labor, and postage of the files, and or summaries. 


We realize that temporary financial problems may affect timely payment of your account. If this should occur, please contact us for assistance in the management of your account. Our goal is to provide quality care and service. Please let us know immediately if you require any assistance or clarification from anyone within our business. 


                                                                                                  Timeliness of Appointments 

We try to see everyone in a timely manner but if we are taking too long, please let our receptionist know so we can best serve your needs and reschedule you if necessary. 

Thank you,

Dr. Nirmaldeep Singh Brar DMD


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