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Surgical tooth Extraction

According to American Dental Association (ADA) surgical tooth extraction is “removal or extraction of an erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of tooth, and
including elevation of mucoperiosteal flap if indicated.” It Includes related cutting of gingival and bone, removal of tooth structure, minor
smoothing of socket and closure.

Questions & Answers

Q. 1. Why do I need surgical tooth removal?

A.1. Surgical tooth removal is indicated in many cases. Some indications of surgical tooth removal are indicated below:-

  • Back teeth with multiple roots.
  • Broken front or back teeth.
  • Root canal treated teeth.
  • Teeth with curved roots.
  • Wisdom teeth.
  • Canines (Eye teeth), Molar teeth.
  •  Teeth in areas with thick bone.
  • Ankylosed teeth.
  • Teeth close to anatomic structures such as maxillary sinus, nerves etc.
  • Internally resrobed teeth.
  • Teeth with crowns (caps) or posts.
Q. 2. Is surgical tooth removal more painful than simple tooth removal?
A2. In surgical tooth removal we have to remove bone and tissue around tooth. This removal of tissues and bone may lead to delayed healing or postoperative events such as swelling,  edema, hematosis etc.  These postoperative events can be prevent by following post-surgical care instructions.
Q.3. Do I need to take day off from work or school after surgical tooth extraction?
 A.3. In most cases, the patient heals without major complications but as we know every patient respond to treatment differently, it is recommended that you follow your dentists post surgical instructions.
Disclaimer:- Information provided here are for educational purposes. Please contact your dentist for proper care before and after any dental procedures.

Images and x-rays of teeth removed surgically

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