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All the surgeries performed at “Smiles by Gentle Dental” are under utmost attention from our highly skilled general dentist. We use multidisciplinary approach consisting some of the diligent and highly qualified team  from dental field as well to get maximum treatment outcome. We ensure that specialty care is available to our patients at the earliest.
We perform following surgeries at our office:-
  • Teeth extraction:- Simple or surgical removal of tooth
  • Alveoloplasty:-   Recontouring of excessive bone.
  • Tori removal:- Removal of bony growths in oral cavity.
  • Wisdom tooth removal :- Removal of partially. Soft tissue impacted teeth.
  • Immediate dentures:- Removal of teeth with immediate delivery of complete or partial acrylic dentures.
  • Soft tissues surgeries:- Removal of non-cancerous soft tissue growths.
Our aim is to provide surgical procedures with minimal postoperative discomfort and complications.

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