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Dental crown

Q.1. What is a dental crown?

A.1. A dental crown is a prosthesis that is cemented on a tooth to prevent it form fracturing under heavy occlusion forces.

Q.2. Why do I need a dental crown on my tooth?

A.2. A dental crown is recommended in many cases. Some of these cases are:-

  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Tooth with fracture.
  • Broken tooth with fracture of cusps.
  • A tooth with large restorative material prone to fracture.
  • Discolored teeth with root canal treatment.
  • An a cosmetic procedure to improve appearance

Q.3. What is an average life of a dental crown?

A.3. In a patient with good oral hygiene and regular dental care visit a dental crown has minimal life of 10 years. A crown can easily last  15-20 years if proper care is followed.

Q.4. What material is used to make a dental crown?

A.4. A dental crown can be made of various materials such as Zirconia, Nickel Chromium, Porcelain fused with metal etc.  A zirconia dental crown does not have any metal in it and it looks like a tooth in mouth. On the other hand, metal crown is not a tooth colored material.


Indications of a dental crown

root canal treatment

ZIrconia crown for front tooth

A crown is recommended for root canal treated tooth to prevent leakage and fracture

crown to prevent fracture of root canal treated tooth

full coverage crown

A crown is placed on back molar tooth after root canal treatment to prevent leakage and fracture.

Zirconia Crown

Crown delivery appointment

Cementation of crown at final crown delivery appointment

crown impression or mold

Crown impression

A PVS impression or mold to make a zirconia crown.

An aestheric crowns case

Front teeth with recurrent fracturing of restorative materials

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